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Got Tegridy?


Citra, Citra Cryo, & Citra Incognito

Pet Viper

Pet Viper-Hazy IPA

Collaboration with, Prey Brewing Co.

Simcoe, Riwaka, Mosaic Cryo hops

Iris and the Giant Peach

Kettle Sour with,

Strawberry, Raspberry, Blueberry, Peach and Apricot


Imperial Stout with Chocolate and Vanilla

Stone Core Stunner-West Coast IPA

Sno Ball-Pastry Stout

The Dorsty Lion-Belgian Ale

Slammin SD-Juicy Hazy IPA

Chase the Rainbow-Kettle Sour

Chase the Rainbow, Kettle Sour fruited with, Apricot, Peach, Key-Lime, Tangerine, Pineapple, Raspberry and 12lbs of lucky charms marshmallows


Rindstone Cowboy-Grapefruit West Coast IPA

What You Need West Coast IPA

What You Need” West Coast IPA delivers a crisp, hop-forward journey, balancing piney bitterness with a clean, dry finish—the quintessential brew for those seeking the essence of the coast.

Two Amigos Lime Mexican Lager

Two Amigos Lime Mexican Lager” is a crisp, refreshing brew with a zesty lime twist, capturing the spirited camaraderie of sunny days and good friends.

Juice Box Hero Seltzer

“Juice Box Hero” is a vibrant seltzer fusion of different fruits, delivering a heroic burst of refreshing fruitiness in every sip.

Thai-Me of My Life! Sour

“Thai-Me of My Life!” kettle sour captures the essence of adventure with its bold mango flavors intertwined with the tangy zest of a perfectly soured brew, reminiscent of Thailand’s cherished mango sticky rice.

Leaving without saying goodbye

Leaving Without Saying “Goodbye” Red Ale

Leaving Without Saying ‘Goodbye’,” an Irish Red Ale, combines a smooth, malty flavor with a hint of caramel for a quietly complex farewell.

Bringin’ Blondie Back Blonde Ale

Bringin’ Blondie Back” Blonde Ale is a bright, smooth brew, offering a clean and crisp finish that redefines the classic Blonde Ale experience.

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